Arctic BioFacade

makes tomorrow's cities carbon sinks

We are looking for partners to join our biophilic ecosystem. 

Biophilic carbon sinks - leap into the future of building

Our built environment requires bold green transition innovations. Our human well-being needs a stronger and better connection with nature. Climate change needs new solutions such as carbon sinks to counteract it. We have taken up these challenges and decided to make building facades alive - literally.

From a static building facade to living carbon sinks

Our goal is to develop Arctic Bio Facade into a living and commercialized facade material based on biophilic thinking. This requires multidisciplinary cooperation between different experts from different fields.

For us, biophilia is a choice of value. Our aim is to increase well-being and bring the vital nature connection back to cold and clinical urban environments.

Join us in building a biophilic ecosystem

We invite future-oriented experts in research, development and finance to join our exciting project.

This is what it's all about

We are developing a completely
new, living and organic facade
material. We will make it ready
to use - from product to

This is how we proceed

We are looking for partners for the first phase, where we create a path from product development to commercial deployment.

Here's how you can get involved

Please feel free to contact us and tell us how you could contribute in joining our ecosystem.

"Biophilic design understands the built-in human need to connect with nature and therefore is a tool for creating ecological, well-being-enhancing habitats."

A biophilic ecosystem at the heart of all construction


Sustainable development and well-being

The importance of nature and connection to nature for well-being is emphasized in a highly urbanized world


Biophilia and construction

For a more sustainable construction it requires a overall biophilic understanding from planning, architecture to materials.


Living façade materials

We develop technically and ecologically revolutionary living facades that also act as carbon sinks

Making this possible


At Brande, our mission is to change the world and create a shared, positively impacting legacy of values. We are creating impact business ecosystems, where companies get the best possible environment to develop world-changing business. Our strength is in the team. We have expertise in business, design, people management, communication and visual design as well as digital creation.

Arctic Bio Facade's team includes Jari Palonen, CEO of Brande, whose solid experience in creating inspiring strategies and business concepts has become familiar to many. Sami Kuusisto, brand development and conceptualization, knows that conceptualization is an art form that requires open-minded thinking and an understanding of the surprising connections between different things. Carita Ahonen is a biophilic design expert LFA, biophilic interior architect SIO/SI/AMK and designer AMK, whose idea and dream the project is based on. A better future is built with an open mind, courage, empathy and cooperation and the ability to question norms.